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House Of Oils

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House Of Oils make their range of natural skin care products using Australian cane sugar with locally grown essential Oils of Lemon Ironbark & Rose Geranium-Base Oils of Canola, Macadamia, The beautiful aromas of Lemon Scented Ironbark and Rose Geranium with Ylang Ylang are the main ingredients of our Body Polish and Massage oils used to Exfoliate and Nourish dry OR oily skin with our CANE SUGAR PRODUCTS ABLE TO BE Applied all over your body and Especially on your FACE. Our latest releases are the beautifully scented Face & Body MOISTURISER and BODY WASH Can be used as a hair wash & for Shaving. All these Products are available from our shop at EUMUNDI SQUARE MARKETS. Our base oils and Essentials are grown and farmed in Queensland & New South Wales Australia......PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN MADE.

What our products offer:

At House of Oils we understand busy lives and smart investments and believe in pampering beauty routines that are value for money and one-step simple. That’s why our beautifully scented, gentle and soothing polishes can be used effectively in a matter of minutes by all members of the family. Our clients repeatedly tell us that after using our polishes they no longer need to use their old moisturisers and beauty products. House of Oils face and body polishes are nourishing and non-irritating and instantly leave your skin feeling deliciously smooth. The soft sugar crystals immersed in our luxurious exfoliant blends are sourced from vitamin C and E-rich Queensland cane. These rounded crystals are then blended with skin-softening natural plant and essential oils. The sugar granules in our polishes act as an exfoliant to remove dead and dull-looking skin which help to open up skin pores so the essential oils can sink into your skin rather than sit on the surface. We are proud to select 95 per cent Australian-grown plant and oil products for our beauty polish menu.

Why we are the best:

We are the original sugar cane exfoliant company in Australia and our reputation as the best is reflected in repeat sales from all around the world. Our family business draws on precious family remedy secrets for dry and difficult skin. We put enormous effort into developing and perfecting our polish products and we have an exclusive blend of oils. Our unique blends of essential oils mixed with water will only leave the oils your skin needs and excess oils simply wash away. And what's left is well nourished and completely soft and supple skin.

Who can use our products:

One of the amazing things about our products are they are suitable for everyone in the family (but please read more under warnings). Our products might usually be bought by women, but once their men discover the amazing benefits then they start using and buying it as well. Teenagers love it for making healthy looking skin so easy to accomplish: one step, twice a week is just the kind of effort they like to invest. Our polishes are used by everyone, from the aged and weary to young and healthy tradesmen who love what it does for their dry and work-worn hands. Mothers of small children also love the luxury of our products and the little time it takes to transform them from girl-next-door into a gorgeous goddess. By using House of Oils before you shower, you will feel refreshed and renewed and have healthy, glowing skin: hassle free.

1-8 Napier Road
Eumundi, QLD 4562
House Of Oils
Phone 07 5491 4100
Added: 15 February 2011 9:35am
Last Edited: 18 January 2013 1:27pm
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