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Gem Kinesiology

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Kinesiology is a way to help people get closer to being their most optimal and authentic self. Relieving the body and its bodily systems of stress enables the body to re-organise with less dis-function, supporting it to attune to its own optimal vibration. Every session is different and every client is treated as a unique individual, supporting them to reach their highest potential.

Kinesiology is a highly effective and versatile healing modality suitable for addressing a wide range of health care issues in people of all ages including:

Immunity, Vitality & Wellness
Anxiety, Depression & Fatigue Release
Trauma, Grief & Survival Stress Relief
Balance of Physical Structure
Poor Digestion & Gut Issues
Behaviour, Attitude & Thought Freedom
Learning Difficulties and Neural Integration
Immune system & Vitality
Reproduction and Hormones
Addictions, Relationship & Behavioural Issues
Life Enhancement & Motivation

CPIHC 136 Nambour - Mapleton Rd
Nambour, QLD 4560
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