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Royal Australia Ugg Boots

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We come from the land-down-under, whilst some like to think of Australia as the land of convicts, we like to think of it as the daughter of royalty.  Australia offers the land's most beautiful scenery and landscapes, on these lush landscapes our Merino Sheep graze.  These beautiful sheep help us give you the most stunning UGG boots. 

Royal Ugg Boots Australia is an Australian owned and registered company, with an Australian Registered Trademark.   We are a business run on old fashioned Australian values, simply wishing to deliver our little part of royal heaven to the rest of the world.

Here at Royal Ugg Boots Australia we make shoes for the modern day princesses of the world.   Our princesses are girls and women who don’t want to freeze and walk on point in the middle of winter.  Our princesses demand style, warmth, comfort and chic design.   How can we possibly give them all this? Simple! It’s all in our Royal Ugg Boots Australia Secret Recipe!

16 Judy
Caloundra, QLD 4551
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Added: 7 August 2012 12:58pm
Last Edited: 21 February 2013 1:22pm
Royal Australia Ugg Boots
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