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Sponsored Listings is a free website forum, blog and dog product shop for all things Oodle, that is for poodle mix dogs, poos or doodles, as they are known to many people.  A place where all Oodles can get together with Oodle lovers and owners to share, ask questions, seek advice and support one each other.  Tell us all about your Oodle… How did they come to be a part of your life?  Where did you find out about Oodles?  What crazy funny thing did they do this week?  Our free dog forum and blog is the place to boast about how amazing these poodle mix dogs truly are.  It’s a happy place designed to create a smile, bring some joy and have some fun each day when you visit.

Regular Sunshine Coast Oodle Outings are arranged via we'd love for you to come along and say hi. encourages feedback and suggestions.  if you would like another topic or breed added to the forum, please let us know and we’ll do our best to add it.  If there is any module you would like to see added to contact us;we want to make this your Oodle community.

Let me introduce Jet, the Cavoodle.  It goes without saying that I have my own Oodle named Jet, often referred to as Buddy (he answers to both).  Jet is six and a half years old and has had the largest impact ever imagined on our lives.  A close friend purchased her Oodle about 9 years ago; that was my introduction to the Oodle world. 

So far Jet has moved from the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia to Newcastle, NSW Australia then to Auckland, New Zealand, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia and most recently to Singapore for a few years.  We’ve certainly had some adventures together, so if you’re thinking of moving, especially internationally, I can certainly help out with tips in that department.
Jet loves to go for a walk and a swim, he watches tv, he puts himself to bed when told, he sits with his legs crossed at the front, he’s mostly well behaved, he does stand up paddle boarding, he thinks he’s human, he gives the best cuddles in the world and I’m sure he’s exactly like your Oodle if you are in the fortunate position to own one.  We’d love to hear what amazing and crazy things your Oodle gets up to?
My Oodle is the inspiration for this website.  There is not an outing that goes by without somebody in the street stopping us for a chat. I want to share my Oodle world with those considering welcoming one into their life and say hi to all the Oodle lovers and owners out there, creating a community of everything Oodle.
PO Box 1394
Buderim, QLD 4556
Added: 20 November 2013 5:17pm
Last Edited: 21 November 2013 11:19am
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