Sunshine Coast Healthcare
Sunshine Coast Healthcare

Sunshine Coast Healthcare

As with all Australian heathcare professionals, those on the Sunshine Coast are highly trained and medical services in the region are as good as you'll find anywhere in the world. Overseas visitors from the UK, New Zealand and Finland are generally entitled to free or heavily subsidised medical and hospital care under a reciprocal national healthcare agreement with the taxpayer funded Medicare organisation.

All international visitors are strongly advised to invest in travel insurance when visiting Australia no matter which country you are visiting from. Some of the Australian-based travel insurers have special cover for visitors which are significantly less expensive than travel cover that is available in the US. It is also worthy of note that most major hotels have doctors that are waiting on-call.

Prescription Drugs

International visitors that have a medical condition requiring treatment should ensure that they have a letter from their home-doctor that explicitly outlines their condition and the associated medications and treatments that are required. This ensure that conditions are dealt with in the most prompt and efficient way and to also overcome any language barriers.

A majority of the worlds medications are available in Australia but most can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. Prescription medications are only dispensed by qualified pharmacists.

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