Aussie World & Ettamogah Pub
Aussie World & Ettamogah Pub

Aussie World & Ettamogah Pub

Anyone who’s driven the highway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast would have seen the iconic Ettamogah Pub.

Made famous in a regular cartoon in The Australasian Post, the pub was brought to life in 1989, complete with furniture made from trees from the original site and a 1927 Chevy perched on the roof.

As part of one of the most Australian pubs in Queensland, the theme park Aussie World has grown as part of the attraction.

Today Aussie World has a collection of over 30 rides and games providing entertainment for all ages. It’s a great day out for the entire family and a must see for any travellers visiting the Sunshine Coast.

Aussie World Attractions

From attractions and games for young kids to thrill rides and water parks, there’s simply too much going on at Aussie world to mention all at once. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular rides so you can get a bit of an idea of what’s on offer.

Ride the Giant redback at Aussie WorldRedback

Dubbed as the Sunshine Coast’s most thrilling ride, the Redback thrashes its outward facing riders in all directions at an impressive 16 metres above the ground.

Leak’n Logs

Perfect for a hot day, Leak’n Logs is a water play area with an outback Australian theme. Take a walk through the mist shed sitting below a leaky corrugated iron water tank, randomly tipping buckets, a log waterfall, sporadic water jets and a tin shed that simulates a tropical Queensland storm, complete with thunder, lightning wind and rain.

Phileas’s Fun Worx

With a large selection of the latest arcade, redemption and video games, Phileas’s Fun Worxs is a kid’s domain where even parents can get in on the fun. There are games designed to suit all skill levels ranging from single to duel and even group player games.

Ride the Plunge Aussie WorldPlunge

Take the plunge on the Sunshine Coast’s only water ride. The plunge takes riders along a waterway in hollowed out logs and propels them down a water ramp at great speed… twice!

Ferris Wheel

You can easily see the classic 1960s Ferris Wheel from the road as your drive past Aussie World – just imagine what you could see from the top of it! There’s a fantastic view of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland to be seen up here so make sure you bring your cameral along on this ride.

Giant Slide

The 15 metre height of the Giant Slide doesn’t look like much – until you’re at the top! Sitting atop a soft mat you’ll slip and slide 46 metres over a bunch of stomach lifting bumps.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel

For those that love the old classics, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel takes you on a fast paced ride for a rock around the clock with music from the 50s and 60s, paired up with modern special effects.

Space Shaker Swinging Ship

The Space Shaker takes you on a thrill ride up above Aussie World where you’ll be bombarded with g-forces as you’re thrown back and forth, only to experience weightlessness at the top between spins.

Wild Mouse Rollercoaster

This piece is a classic just as much as it is a thrill ride. The Wild Mouse was originally built in 1935 and the wooden construction has been carefully restored to give you the twists, turns and hair pin corners riders experienced back in the 30s.

There are plenty more rides and attractions at Aussie World to suit the whole family. Make sure you spare a whole day for a visit as there is simply too much to see and do!

Ettamogah Pub

Ettamogah PubBorn in the vivid imagination of Ken Maynard, a cartoonist for The Australasian Post, the pub took physical shape in 1989 and has continued to wow passers-by and visitors to the region ever since with its quirky Australian styling. It’s safe to say the hotel is the most photographed pub in the world!

The pub is open every day from 9am and stays open late with live music playing every second Friday night. There are a range of seasonal beers on tap, but what more would you expect from a pub named from the indigenous word for “place of good drink!”

Bluey's Bar and Grill on the upper level of the eye-catching building is renowned for its delicious true blue Australian fare, including fresh damper, BBQ pork ribs and of course a fantastic range of seasonal beer and wines. The grill specialises in the use of local produce and prides itself on good food at good prices.

You might notice the 1930 Chevy truck on the bright red roof of the pub. In the cartoon the theory is that the truck was washed up there in the floods in 1946 and no one could be bothered getting it down. There is a photoboard and DVD inside showing the history and construction of the pub, as well as some of the original cartoons displayed on many of the walls along with other pieces of Australian memorabilia.

Visitor Information

Book NowAussie World is located at 73 Frizzo Road, Bruce Highway, Palmview QLD 4553

Located 1 kilometre north of the Caloundra exit (take exit 190) on the Bruce Highway, you can also get public transport to and from the theme park with Landsborough Train Station being the closest.

Purchase your tickets online or at the gate and enjoy unlimited rides for the one ticket price!  

Opening Times

  • Open Daily from 9am to 5pm
  • Rides start at 10am
  • Open Anzac Day (25th April) from 1.30 to 8pm
  • Closed Christmas Day (25th December)