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Sunshine Coast Weather

Sunshine Coast Weather

The weather on the Sunshine Coast undergoes mild fluctuations in extremes and is pretty much ideal all year round. Summer or winter, there will always be people out and about dining alfresco, walking the beaches, boating or just simply enjoying the outdoor surrounds.

The daytime beach temperature in July averages around 20°C and in January, the temperatures average around 28°C. In the hills of the hinterland, temperatures tend to be a degree cooler or warmer than on the coast.

For more details follow this link to the Australian Bureau Of Meterology South East Queensland page

During the winter months the temperature along the coast can average around 20°C (68°F). Whereas in the summer months the temperatures can average around 28°C (82°F). In being such a lush area there is regular rainfall all year round.

With a name such as the Sunshine Coast its easy to see why the temperatures are ideal and the aptness in which the region was named. In the hinterland areas however, the temperatures can be a degree or two cooler or warmer than the coast.

Historical Weather Information

Based on long term historical data for Sunshine Coast collected from Weatherzone.

Mean maximum temperature (°C) 28.6 28.6 27.6 25.6 23.3 21.2 20.8 21.7 24.0 25.4 26.7 28.1 25.2
Mean minimum temperature (°C) 21.3 21.2 19.8 16.8 13.7 11.4 9.4 10.0 13.1 15.8 17.9 19.8 15.9
Mean rainfall (mm) 336 236 109 112 84 64 37 22 19 19 30 79 1126
Mean rain days 14.7 14.4 15.1 15.8 16.6 15.9 13.5 11.0 10.6 10.7 10.4 13.0 161.1