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Sunshine Coast Skydiving

Some say you'd have to be mad to jump out of a perfectly good plane, but those in the know think otherwise. The adrenalin rush and sense of excitement that you get from jumping into the sky at 14,000 feet is hard to match, and once you've done it once, the sensation can be addictive! After the initial freefall rush, up to 65 seconds worth (depending on how high you jump from), the parachute will deploy and float you gently to the ground while you take in the view and relax. Don't miss out on this experience of a lifetime on your Sunshine Coast visit - check out the best sky diving operators on the coast (along with a bunch of other cool flying experiences).

Tandem Skydiving

So you want to jump from a perfectly good aeroplane... Tandem Skydiving is not easy to describe and...

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Sunshine Coast Skydiving

Image courtesy Queensland Tourism